Thank you for considering to Commission or trade with me! I apologize for this being a long read so here's a small summary if you're just looking for a trade or commission without intent of Commercial usage, Merchandise or Channel art!

I will allow Commercial Usage of work that is directly requested or commissioned by the User or Distributor. I will allow Commercial Use such as using my work for Clothing Designs, Pins, Any Physical items or digital IF the User, Distributor, Developer or Fan contacts me through, Deviantart, or Discord, where i will discuss in a business manner pricing and crediting me for the original work. 

Usage of my work without conversation beforehand or any sort of credit will result in first: A warning and message, if this does not work, i will take Copyright action, as any artwork i create is my property unless bought by someone or given with intent to resell.


I accept commissions and requests for Channel/Representation Artwork for any sites. Mainly including Youtube, Twitch, Picarto, Discord, Twitter, Instagram and many others. I understand this work has the possibility of being used for Merchandise and I consent to the usage of my artwork; which must be directly made for this person's use; to be used as a Merchandise design, requiring they credit me, @40zed or @2002maimo, for the original artwork. 


In the chance that you need a refund please note:

Refunds are only offered when there is no commission progress, commission has been halted before being started (either by me or by the customer) or if an emergency comes up in my own life.

I will not refund if i've already started or finished the work, i offer options to change work in case it is not the way you wanted it to look, but i will never refund if you just don't like the art, i work hard, and i expect people to look at my work and make their own judgement on whether they'd like to buy from me or not.